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Engineer, Senior Web Developer
To be able to produce something else is considered as impossible deed to get managed for each human-being nowadays.

In every stage of civilization the individuals that have an instinct of producing and making himself immortal; have developed various products, services and theories in order to have life easier for the people in current and future generation. And here is the mission that we have to fulfill; to become an utilitarian individual by developing existing inventions or producing something new with the help of arguments which was brought to our life by former the helpful individuals.

I hereby try to perform the concerned holy mission burden on me for the subjects following; "Mining Engineering","Occupational Health and Safety Expertise" (Having academic background and degree) and "Web Solutions" (Having experience over 9 years)

With Best Regards.
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• Open Pit (Strip) Mining
• Mineral Processing
• Underground Mining (Chrome-Coal-Marble)
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Domestic and Int. Marketing
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Import and Export
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Quarry and Processing Plant
• Technical Inspection
• Mine and Plants OHS Expertise
• Industrial Raw Material Evaluation
• Mining License and Document Works
• Mining Feasibility Projects and Plans
• Mining Law Consultancy
• Mining Economy Investment Consultancy

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Web, Graphic and Internet Solutions

• Web Design and Development
• Web Software and Coding
• Search Engine Optimization - S.E.O.
• Vectoral & Bitmap Graphic Design
• Corporate ID Design
• Personal and Corporate Logo Design
• CMS and E-Commerce System Installation
• Professional WP Blog Service
• Website-Database Maintenance and Optimization
• B2B and B2C E-Commerce System
• Hosting and Server Management
• IT Consultancy
• Copywriter and Inspection
• Corporate ID and Web Strategy Assignment
• Adwords & Adsense
• Ebay & Alibaba Production Consultancy

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Testimonials (120)

Professional Skills

Professional Skills

  • 95%

    Web Design

  • 92%

    Graphic Design

  • 90%

    CMS Systems

  • 97%

    Wordpress & SEO

  • 85%


  • 95%

    Sales Expertise

  • 95%


  • 94%

    OHS Expertise

  • 92%


  • 88%

    Paper Works

  • 96%


  • 98%

    Foreign Lang.

Work Experiences

Work Experiences

  • Martin Engineering
    Technical Sales Engineer
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    •Creating the solution projects, preparing technical reports and making analysis for "Carryback, Fugitive Material, Dust, Belt Mistracking and Material Flow Problems" in Bulk Material Systems regardless of industry,

    •Presenting and making sales of belt cleaning solutions, transfer point solutions, flow aid solutions, dust management solutions, industrial vibration solutions of Martin® with “Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee”,

    •Arranging client visitings throughout Turkey on regular basis, inspect client’s industrial zone, conducting proposal process to provide bulk material handling to be cleaner, safer and more productive.
  • Alimoğlu Marble Inc.
    Mining Engineer
    work experience img
    • Production Planning, Product Quality Control and Observing Efficiency of Integrated Marble Processing Plant, Domestic - International Sales & Marketing,
    • Company ERP Integration Management,
    • Conducting company’s Online Web Strategy and PR Works.
  • Copypanthers
    Product Manager
    work experience img
    • Freelance Product Manager that inspects quality of recruit work and also setups some blogs professionally.
  • Adularya Energy
    Intern Engineer
    work experience img
    • Helping the underground coal mine extraction operations which is applied by "Fully Mechanized Longwall System" for feeding "Adularya Yunus Emre Thermal Power Plant" possesses a power of 2 x 145 MW,
    • Underground passage preparatory works, Fortification Design, Ventilation Systems, Transportation System and Emission Metage.
  • Koza Gold
    Intern Engineer
    work experience img
    • Being general operator for winning "Raw Gold" by Tank Leaching method in "Kaymaz Gold Mine Processing Plant"
    • INCO SO2/Air Process, Detox Unit Operations,
    • Free Cyanide CN(Free), Weak Acid Dissociation Cyanide WadCN, Dissolved Oxygen and Active Carbon Measures,
    • Crusher, Sieve, Ball and Rod Mills Operator,
    • Leaching and Adsorption Tanks Operator,
    • Golden Electrolysis Operator, ADT Evaluation.
  • ETI Mine
    Intern Engineer
    work experience img
    • Internship of “Open Pit Mining” in Eti Mine Works Emet and Kırka open pits of Boron mineral which belongs to Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,
    • Drilling-Blasting Design,
    • Rock Slope Stability, Step Design,
    • Evaluation of Work Machineries’ Performance and Observing Operations.
  • AKU Eng. Faculty
    Web Project Manager
    work experience img
    • Revision, managing and creating web projects are subjected to Faculty of Engineering in Afyon Kocatepe University.
  • Best Western
    Guest Services
    work experience img
    • Managing reception operations in Marina Grand Hotel that is placed in Corpus Christi TX, US
    • Service of IT support in case of needing,
    • Documentation works in back-office of hotel,
    • Selling personal items are belonged to hotel,
    • Being guest services representative.
  • United Towers
    Student Representative
    work experience img
    • Consultation about education and internship in abroad to students that are educated in Afyon Kocatepe University,
    • Merchandising service of company to students who requested consultation from company.
  • AKU Rectorship
    Executive Assistant
    work experience img
    • Documentation operations in department of strategy development in Afyon Kocatepe University,
    • Supplying IT support,
    • Basic account operations in case of needing,
    • Helping with building infrastructure of “Internal Control System" that is required by ”5018 Public Financial Management and Inspection Law”.
  • Mistik Design
    Web Developer

    • Solutions to personal and corporate web projects with “W3C” standards,
    • Graphic and Design service with Adobe products,
    • Search Engine Optimization analysis and its operations,
    • Optimization and repairing of database,
    • Supplying high quality contents to web blogs,
    • Building infrastructure of B2C based E-Commerce system,
    • Service of IT Consultation.


Address: Istanbul, TURKEY

GSM No: (+90532) 255 one-six-eight-two

E-Mail: info[at]mustafakoylu[dot]com

You may keep in touch in order to request personal and corporate services or my professional resume.

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