Engineer, Senior Web Developer
To be able to produce something else is considered as impossible deed to get managed for each human-being nowadays.

In every stage of civilization the individuals that have an instinct of producing and making himself immortal; have developed various products, services and theories in order to have life easier for the people in current and future generation. And here is the mission that we have to fulfill; to become an utilitarian individual by developing existing inventions or producing something new with the help of arguments which was brought to our life by former the helpful individuals.

I hereby try to perform the concerned holy mission burden on me for the subjects following; "Mining Engineering","Occupational Health and Safety Expertise" (Having academic background and degree) and "Web Solutions" (Having experience over 9 years)

With Best Regards.
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• Open Pit (Strip) Mining
• Mineral Processing
• Underground Mining (Chrome-Coal-Marble)
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Domestic and Int. Marketing
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Import and Export
• Natural Stones Marble-Granite Quarry and Processing Plant
• Technical Inspection
• Mine and Plants OHS Expertise
• Industrial Raw Material Evaluation
• Mining License and Document Works
• Mining Feasibility Projects and Plans
• Mining Law Consultancy
• Mining Economy Investment Consultancy

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Web, Graphic and Internet Solutions

• Web Design and Development
• Web Software and Coding
• Search Engine Optimization - S.E.O.
• Vectoral & Bitmap Graphic Design
• Corporate ID Design
• Personal and Corporate Logo Design
• CMS and E-Commerce System Installation
• Professional WP Blog Service
• Website-Database Maintenance and Optimization
• B2B and B2C E-Commerce System
• Hosting and Server Management
• IT Consultancy
• Copywriter and Inspection
• Corporate ID and Web Strategy Assignment
• Adwords & Adsense
• Ebay & Alibaba Production Consultancy

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Testimonials (120)

Professional Skills

Professional Skills

  • 90%

    Web Design

  • 95%

    Sales &

  • 93%


  • 91%


  • 90%


  • 95%


  • 95%


  • 94%


  • 96%

    Bulk Material

  • 98%

    Office 365

  • 90%


  • 98%


Work Experiences

Work Experiences

  • Martin Engineering
    Technical Sales Engineer
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    • Responsible for overall necessary hands-on engineering, sales and marketing execution.
    • Creating solution projects, preparing technical site reports, presenting corporate/technical presentations and making ROI (Return on Invesment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis for clients and prospects regardless of industry.
    • Arranging site visits throughout Turkey on regular basis for inspecting client’s work zone, conducting proposal process to create strong customer relationships and to achieve sales and gross profit objectives.
    • Responsible for establishing and managing a dedicated strategic sales plan for the purpose of selling more complex engineering projects, maintenance service, spare parts, product upgrades and the latest equipment to both clients and prospects in the diverse industries.
    • Preparing technical/commercial tenders and negotiation in cooperation with middle and upper management department of companies.
    • Establishing new and maintaining existing, long-term relationships with customers by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) approach.
    • Preparing monthly sales recap reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing client information and market trends.
    • Following up projects, quotations, orders, deliveries, payments and installation of assemblies.
    • Contributing to sales force and service team effort in terms of interoperability by accomplishing planned and budgeted sales targets.
    • Supporting marketing activities by attending national/international trade shows, technical seminars and other various marketing events.
  • Alimoğlu Marble Inc.
    Mining Engineer
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    • Conducting production planning from scratch and quality control procedure of final product.
    • Observing the efficiency level of integrated marble processing plant in terms of potential capacity.
    • Executing domestic and international sales and marketing activities.
    • Supporting the company for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration project.
    • Managing online internet web strategy of the company.
  • Copypanthers
    Product Manager
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    • Working as project based and home office style on setting up personal, corporate and commercial web blogs professionally in terms of visual design and Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.
    • Inspecting the compatibility and the quality of the web blogs set up by recruit staff.
    • Fulfilling various web jobs offered by company officials.
  • Adularya Energy Inc.
    Intern Engineer
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    • Participating the underground mid grade lignite coal mine extraction operations led by "Fully Mechanized Longwall Mining System" method for supplying thermal power plant that possesses a power of 2 x 145 MW
    • Learning and experiencing the subjects and the underground mining operations following; "Underground passage preparatory works, Fortification Design, Air Ventilation Systems, Transportation Systems and Emission Metage."
  • Koza Gold Inc.
    Intern Engineer
    work experience img
    • Acting as a general production operator for winning raw gold by tank leaching method.
    • Learning and experiencing the subjects and the ore enrichment operations following; "INCO SO2/Air Process, Detox Unit Operations, Free Cyanide CN(Free), Weak Acid Dissociation Cyanide WadCN, Dissolved Oxygen and Active Carbon Measures, Ore Crusher Unit, Sieve Unit, Ball and Rod Mills, Leaching and Adsorption Tanks, Golden Electrolysis, ADT Evaluation."
  • ETI Mine Estab.
    Intern Engineer
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    • Participating the open pit mining operations of Boron mine.
    • Learning and experiencing the subjects and the operations following; "Drilling-Blasting Design, Rock Slope Stability, Step Design, Evaluation of Work Machineries’ Performance."
  • Best Western Int.
    Guest Services Rep.
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    • Managing guest service and front desk reception operations such as C/I & C/O procedure, reservations etc. at Best Western Marina Grand Hotel.
    • Receiving internal and external phone callings for reservation and other requests.
    • Selling the commercial items belong to hotel on the request of hotel guest.
    • Doing paperwork in back office.
    • Acting as a guest services representative.
    • Supplying IT (Information Technology) service.
  • Mistik Design
    Senior Web Developer

    • Creating creative and professional solutions as personal, corporate and e-commercial website projects with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Standards.
    • Building and developing CMS (Content Management Systems) and Wordpress based professional websites.
    • Supplying professional visual "Corporate Identity" design pack.
    • Supplying professional graphic and design service with various Adobe softwares.
    • Supplying Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis and operations for better ranking of websites.
    • Supplying Google AdWords & AdSense services.
    • Administrating hosting and server services.
    • Supplying IT (Information Technology) consultation service.


Address: Istanbul, TURKEY

GSM No: (+90532) 255 one-six-eight-two

E-Mail: info[at]mustafakoylu[dot]com

You may keep in touch in order to request personal and corporate services or my professional resume.

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